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How Do I Grow My Podcast

Podcasts are started for many reasons. Some people use it as therapy, other use it to promote their other services and some people use it to start their business. However you decide to use your podcast, growth is the key component.

Ask yourself why you are starting a podcast. Is this a hobby, new business venture, or an additional method to expand your brand?

If this is a hobby. Keep it a hobby. Have fun, laugh, don’t stress if you only have 3 downloads.

If this is a method to expand your brand or help you sell your products and services, predetermine how the podcast will help you do that. Increase credibility? Show off talent & knowledge? Leverage partners? Do you know how you will use the podcast to convert? What call to actions will you share? How will you sneak them into your show?

Finally if your reason is to start a new business venture, what made you decide in a podcast? Have you recently been excited about a podcast that you listened to? What about it made you want to listen? Were there any call to actions that motivated you to become a customer. The podcast can be a catalyst for you to achieve success as long as you know your why and your how.

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I love cultivating roadmaps to success in strategic planning, specializing in Lean Six Sigma methodologies for project management and creating digital brands while managing social media accounts. If given the option, I would travel the world and work only from my laptop.

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