Digital Moderator

Webinar and Podcast hosting has firmly established its foothold as a viable promotional tool in any company’s specific marketing mix. Especially when hosted with a digital moderator, they allow businesses of every size the chance to engage with their targeted demographic on a simultaneous, global level, with remarkable results. The interactive nature of webinars and podcast affords organizations an unparalleled opportunity to generate dialogue with interested prospects and develop sustainable industry partnerships, all while giving the consuming masses the chance to put a name, face, and voice to any hosting business. A digital moderator helps mediate a live engaging event in a wide range of ways. During any given session, the digital moderator will coordinate responsibilities including:

  • Audience welcome message
  • Agenda outline
  • Discuss relevant session protocol
  • Speaker introductions
  • Permissions for shared information
  • Track inquiries in chat windows
  • Administrate Q&A sessions
  • Manage unexpected system glitches
  • Close out comments