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What Does Success Look Like For My Podcast?

Success means something different for everyone.

There is not a right or wrong when it comes to measuring success.

If you currently have 10 downloads and you have a goal of 100…PERFECT! If you have 1000 downloads and you have a goals of 5000… PERFECT! The goal is up to you.

Start with the end in mind. If you need 100 downloads, figure out how you get one and duplicate. If you posted your podcast on your personal Facebook page and 5 people listened. Do it again every time you have a new episode. If you like to look at the numbers, a weekly episode +5 new downloads = 20 weeks.

If you want to leverage your efforts, become more intentional. Create a Facebook business page, and a landing page that will capture emails. So now when you share your podcast, you add it to your website, copy the website link to your Facebook page and then share your business Facebook page with your personal one. The chances are you will triple your efforts. So now your 5 new downloads is actually 15 each week= 6 weeks. That is a huge difference.

Know you goal. Start with the end in mind. Use measurable efforts to determine how much energy you can put into managing your goals.

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How Do I Grow My Podcast

Podcasts are started for many reasons. Some people use it as therapy, other use it to promote their other services and some people use it to start their business. However you decide to use your podcast, growth is the key component.

Ask yourself why you are starting a podcast. Is this a hobby, new business venture, or an additional method to expand your brand?

If this is a hobby. Keep it a hobby. Have fun, laugh, don’t stress if you only have 3 downloads.

If this is a method to expand your brand or help you sell your products and services, predetermine how the podcast will help you do that. Increase credibility? Show off talent & knowledge? Leverage partners? Do you know how you will use the podcast to convert? What call to actions will you share? How will you sneak them into your show?

Finally if your reason is to start a new business venture, what made you decide in a podcast? Have you recently been excited about a podcast that you listened to? What about it made you want to listen? Were there any call to actions that motivated you to become a customer. The podcast can be a catalyst for you to achieve success as long as you know your why and your how.

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How To Set Goals For Your New Podcast

Think about why you got started with your podcast.

Use those same reasons to create some of your first goals. Here are the typical reasons people start a podcast:

  1. Impact! Be bold and take a stand against something. Help someone through a hard time in their life. Be vulnerable and open up to your audience. Or just teach them things they don’t know. All of these movements create a ripple affect for others. By expressing your platform you give permission for others to explore and express theirs. I know this seems like it is not a great goal because it is not really tied to a metric. However, you can ask your audience to provide you with feedback. Reviews and testimonies will help build a strong audience base and loyal fans.
  2. Number of Plays! Now this is very measurable and most of the work is dependent on actions you can control. Creating and distributing marketing opportunities to share your podcast. Promoting your podcast on multiple platforms more than just a few times. Using SEO measures such as keywords and hashtags to increase your chances of being heard. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If your episode got over 145 plays it’s better than 50% of the shows out there. Be sure to make your podcast relevant and timeless at the same time. Give valid points to each.
  3. Monetization! Make Money! Raise brand and mission awareness while attracting revenue-generating opportunities. Increase your credibility while sharing your message. Monetization can come from many places and many platforms. You can create a sponsorship, sell commercial time, promote an affiliate brand and even ask for donations. I would start with whichever method is most comfortable and set a dollar amount to at least double what you have put into your podcast.

Let’s Recap!

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